Flourish Flock Feature | Faith Raider

Happy Thursday, dears! Gosh I've missed you! Life has been full- it's a busier season around here with various speaking engagements and a very full client load as I prep for our little man to arrive in a few short months!

During the last few months I have so missed sharing Flourish Flock Features with you! I am constantly reminded of how we are all encouraged when we hear other's stories of surviving and thriving... of making it through the challenges in life... of learning and growing even when there might not be a perfect bow on the situation currently... our stories are a reminder that life is a journey, progress is so much better than perfection and that God's grace is more than enough!

All of that being said, I am thrilled to share part of Faith Raider's story with you all today. She and I partnered together and she's become a dear friend of mine. She never fails to inspire and encourage me- she truly is such a gift and I know you will each feel loved and encouraged by what she shares so vulnerably below!

It's a... + How We Told the Girls

Happy Friday, friends!

I am so excited to share this post with y'all! We ended up opting to do the Panorama scan that my Dr's office provides so we were able to find out the gender at about 12 weeks... do you realize what that means?! That means I've been keeping this a secret for over a month which is exactly the reason I am so excited to share this news with you!

Pregnancy: First Trimester Recap + Reflections

Phew! Let's just say I am ever so grateful to be in the 2nd trimester as I write this post reflecting on the first- ha!

This first trimester was not fun... not in the least... I've had numerous, thoughtful people ask me how the I felt during that time and I am just not sure there are words to adequately describe just how awful it was... however, I am going to attempt it today and also make a point to note the parts of it that I am thankful for!