Flourish Flock Feature | Abi Ray

Happy Thursday, dears! Can't believe we are about half way into December!!

I am thrilled to share some of Abi Ray's story with you today. I had the privilege of connecting with her through Beth Marmino who shared in Flourish Flock Feature back in the spring here.

Abi is so vulnerable and wise in all that she shares below- I just know your hearts are going to be encouraged... and don't forget to share this post with a friend who might need some encouragement right now too!

Pregnancy: Second Trimester Recap + Adventures

Happy Friday, friends!! I am SOOOOO thankful to share that the 2nd trimester brought much relief from the awfulness of the first trimester... it was right around 16 wks that I turned a corner and I am certain that my family, as well as my clients, were probably just as thankful! ;) 

Before knowing about the pregnancy, I'd committed to 2 speaking engagements towards the end of October... I was so excited about both but would be lying if I didn't share that part of me was concerned about how I'd feel/do at both... yet, thankfully I was around 23 and 24 weeks for those and feeling great at that point... Plus, as I shared from my first trimester update, I have been in a better frame of mind in terms of asking for help and also taking time to rest as needed during this pregnancy, so doing both of those things definitely helped!

Flourish Flock Feature | Mandi Mitchell

Happy Thursday, friend! I am so honored to share a bit of my friend, Mandi Mitchell's story on the blog today!

We met in person back in February at the Pursuit retreat in Tampa and shared some really sweet conversations and learned that we both lived in Atlanta. We've since stayed in touch and are all about cheering one another on!

And, as God would have it- as good as He is- there is a very sweet update to Mandi's story- so after you're done reading below, do yourself a favor and check out this post on her blog :)