Divorce Sucks- A How- To Guide for Self-Care

In the late summer, I connected with Carly of the Femperfect podcast. She is such a joy and her mission behind the podcast is so powerful.

As I shared more about my story and she shared more about her mission, we ended up deciding it would make sense for me to share some of my story in hopes that it would encourage others!

Divorce Sucks A How-To Guide to Self-Care

To give you a little more background on her podcast, she focuses on helping "ambitious women get past shame in their lives". Who can't get behind that mission, right?!

She wants to reach out to all of us ladies, who struggle with thoughts like, I don't belong here, I don't have anything to say, I wish I was someone different, I'm just too much, yet not enough. I don't know about y'all, but those are all thoughts that I've wrestled with - some more than others depending on the season I've been in.

If you have too, then I'd encourage you to check out her podcast and feel free to listen to my specific episode if that interests you at all- the link is here

Shortly after the recording and airing of the episode, Carly and I were able to meet in person. It ended up that our little family was driving to Franklin, TN {right outside of Nashville} to visit Matt's family and that's right where Carly and her husband, Neal live. So, we all met for a yummy lunch at The Flipside before we drove back to Atlanta. 

Divorce Sucks- A How- To Guide for Self-Care