My Guest Post on Kelly's Korner for Friday Fellowship

Back in 2009 my parents were living in Northwest Arkansas, as my dad was working on his company's WalMart team {NWA is where WM is headquartered}. Around that time, blogging was starting to become a bit more popular and I started following Kelly. Since her daughter Harper and my daughter Bella are just about the same age and both our firstborns, it was fun to follow along on her mothering journeys. 

Kelly's Korner Friday Fellowship

When it came time to plan a trip for Bella and I to go visit my parents, I decided I'd reach out to Kelly and see about us possibly grabbing lunch to meet in person. She was so gracious and we were able to make it work and had fun getting to chat IRL. And just to throw it back- here is a picture taken by Kelly of Bella and I at the lunch:

Kelly's Korner

Fast forward and she's been doing various guest interviews entitled "Friday Fellowship" on her blog more recently. With the upcoming launch of the Flourish + Co website, etc. we reconnected and I shared more of my story in an interview format on her blog

It was so fun to get to connect with her again- she is pure joy and always makes me laugh and points me back to Jesus!