A Tour of Baby Boy's Nursery

Hi dears!

As soon as we found out that we were having a boy- you can read more about that in this post- I knew I wanted to incorporate some navy + white, along with a bit of a nautical theme. I say "a bit" because personally I am not one who is huge on having everything match completely/go with a theme, but I do like having a general idea in mind as I put a room together.

I do really enjoy decorating/designing/making selections- takes me back to my previous life of often helping clients with selections + design decisions as we renovated their home. So, that being said, it didn't take long for me to start pulling together an idea of what I wanted to do in his nursery. Thankfully Matt typically just gives me free reign when it comes to design and says that he always likes what I select :)

Baby Boy Nursery | Nursery | Baby Boy | Nautical | Parenting | Navy Nursery

Since I generally like finding a deal, I made a list of everything we'd need in my phone and then whenever I was out and about I'd just keep my eyes open for various items that might work with the design I'd come up with... And, I started right after we found out the gender so I had time as I thought through how I wanted to transform our guest room into a sweet spot for him!

Let's get started {all resources available are listed below}:

As you come up the stairs this is your view as you enter his room.

As you come up the stairs this is your view as you enter his room.

WE LOVE this hand-lettered print by Kim of  KCreatives  that sits on the far left of the built-ins!

WE LOVE this hand-lettered print by Kim of KCreatives that sits on the far left of the built-ins!

Baby Boy Nursery | Nursery | Baby Boy | Nautical | Parenting | Navy Nursery

We had the painters who worked on almost all of our first floor back in September, paint the nursery Sherwin Williams Silver Strand. LOVE this wall color- we also had them use it in our master bath as well as our sunroom.

The previous homeowner's had used this room as a study, hence the built-ins. I'd shared with Matt that if we were having a girl at a minimum we'd need to have them painted, otherwise they'd need to come out completely.... but, given that we're having a boy, I decided to decorate around them and honestly like the way they've turned out... It would be a huge process to have them torn out because the hardwoods don't run underneath and the sheetrock, etc would need to be added/repaired, not to mention their removal would leave an awkward spot to decorate! 

So, I filled the center 2 shelves + the top shelf underneath the globe with books that Matt's Dad grew up with. I love the bit of color as well as history these books bring. The little lanterns are from my brother's wedding tables so that's fun... on the far left + right the boxes + baskets are all from IKEA.

Baby Boy Nursery | Nursery | Baby Boy | Nautical | Parenting | Navy Nursery

Since this is the longest wall in the nursery and it's a little more removed from our family room {which has surround sound}, we decided to place the crib here. I love the artwork above his crib... I found the print on Etsy and then I had Framebridge frame it- LOVED working with them and most definitely plan to do so again!

The white crib is from Target and the sheets + the changing pad covers are from Carousel Designs- I searched high and low for these as well and am so pleased!

The rug is from Overstock- I like how it ties in all the blues and also has elements that resemble rope which tie in the light fixture as well as the nautical theme.

Baby Boy Nursery | Nursery | Baby Boy | Nautical | Parenting | Navy Nursery

We found the dresser at an antique store in Marietta that I always like checking out. It had an oak finish and old brass handles and was a great size with lots of drawers so I knew we could make it work. We got this fabulous furniture paint from Benjamin Moore that we have used for other pieces in our home- it honestly goes on so smoothly, you don't have to sand much to get great coverage and is very durable- we highly recommend! We painted the dresser in Sherwin William's In the Navy {I just had Benjamin Moore match the color for me}.

I found new hardware in antique brass here for both the navy dresser and the little white side table to the left of the glider.

The antique brass mirror above the dresser is from Target- I love the round shape given the number of straight lines in the room.

You can see his initials on the wall to get an idea of his name ;) Sweet Bella picked those out at another local antique shop- Kudzu- I thought maybe we'd just do his first name initial but she insisted we do his full set of initials :) And, of course, I gladly obliged and really love how the letters fill the space.

Baby Boy Nursery | Nursery | Baby Boy | Nautical | Parenting | Navy Nursery

I searched for a glider for a while- it was definitely the item that took me the longest time to land on... I just didn't love the colors I was finding and/or style and then some seemed silly expensive... I ended up finding this oatmeal linen one from Overstock and am very pleased with it so far!

The little side table is from IKEA and the picture above it was taken by one of our favorite family photographers- Katie of KVC Photography- and is framed in this West Elm brass frame. The rope door stop is from World Market- another item that the girls helped pick out :)

I think that's it- we simply cannot wait to meet our little guy and show him his room! Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about it.

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