And Now There Will be 5!

As many of you noticed, I took a bit of a blogging- and Instagram- hiatus this summer... this occurred for multiple reasons- some planned in advance and some that were more just out of pure necessity {i.e. pregnancy!!}

As I'm entering the 2nd tri and beginning to catch my breath, and have somewhat of a normal routine again with the girls back in school, I've been doing a lot of brainstorming regarding blog content... I've also done some research and conducted some surveys with you all- my friends!

In doing all of this, I've been reminded of how much it seems y'all love reading real, vulnerable, raw posts with stories from the heart where you can learn from others and experience "me too" moments, etc... And, to be quite honest, I love that type too! So, moving forward my intention is to weave more of those into this blog!

So, without further ado, let's jump in!

Pregnancy | Blended Family | Half Siblings | Baby Announcement

To start with, this whole pregnancy thing came WAY faster than we'd anticipated... I'd read so much about it taking longer to get pregnant after hitting 35 and so we decided we'd start trying on the earlier side of being "ready"... well, let's just say we didn't need to do that- ha!

Given that Matt's in public financial accounting and is obviously good with numbers and also has a busy season at the beginning of every year- January 2nd through mid-March or so- we'd been attempting to do some calculations on not having Baby C before April 1 or so... 

Well, something somewhere went awry in our calculations :) and I began feeling quite different in the middle of June... Matt's parents (MarMar and Grandpa) were in town and we were working on some home projects and I kept trying to convince myself that I was tired from everyone being in town, the girls being with us all week on their summer break, all the manual labor, etc... until that Friday, June 16th, when I just kept thinking I have to take a test- I'm certain something is different... 

We'd worked hard that day... Matt had taken the day off and we were busy checking final things off our "home to-do list" and we also attended the girls VBS' performance... in the late afternoon we decided we'd all clean-up and take MarMar and Grandpa to The Fickle Pickle {a favorite family spot in downtown Roswell} for dinner.

While cleaning up, I decided to cure my curiosity and take a test... w/in a minute or so it was positive...  and then I started doing the math for the due date and thought "Oh shoot, that's right in the middle of busy season!" In all honesty, I was rehearsing some disclaimers in my mind as I prepared to share the news with Matt... which, is honestly quite ridiculous- if you know Matt, you know that he's the most laid-back, go w/ the flow guy...

I put the pregnancy test right where he'd see it- leaning against the faucet on his bathroom sink- and continued getting ready for our family night out... well, in true male fashion it took him a sweet forever to even notice the test there and in true Katie fashion, I began getting the giggles (if you know me well, you know this is my tendency upon getting nervous, etc.).

Matt ended up asking what I was giggling about and I motioned in the direction of the test... he promptly figured out what it was communicating- or what I was communicating- and very quickly got excited while simultaneously doing the math of Baby C's due date... let's just say it didn't take long to figure out that we'd possibly miscalculated... but, truly, at the end of the day, we were so filled with joy and just held each other and said we know that God is always right on time and has this little one perfectly in His hands!

We didn't share the news that evening at dinner or anything... with the girls being 9 and 7, this baby being their half sibling and the fact that they've gone through a lot of change in the last 4+ years of their lives, it was, and is, incredibly important to us that they feel included and excited about this entire process. In no way do we ever want them to feel less than, replaced, 2nd/3rd tier, etc... Because of this I really prayed about the best way to share the news with them and together Matt and I brainstormed too.

{Sidenote: we've been talking about a baby for about a year or more with them and the fact that Mommy & Daddy Matt would love to have one together if it's God's plan. Some of this forethought came from conversations with my counselor during my divorce/singleness/remarriage and some just came from my "Mommy gut" telling me that I know they'd adjust better if they weren't completely caught off guard... and if it was something we could continue talking about and confirming that their place in our family would not change as a result}

We decided that we wanted to share the news with them first and then give them "ownership" of it and be able to share it with our families... and, honestly, I could not be more thrilled with this choice and am so thankful for God's grace upon grace!

I ordered these shirts for both of them and Matt and I planned a little surprise for them at the end of June:

Matt captured the surprise portion of our evening in this video and I'm forever grateful! {still working on getting that into this post- technology is not my strong suit- but you can see it on my Instagram or Facebook!}

To say there was excitement, as you can see, and questions {and still are- LOTS of them} is an understatement... thankfully they've been nothing but elated about this news. They promptly agreed that they loved the idea of wearing their matching shirts to share our news with both sets of grandparents!

So, when my parents returned home from a summer trip to Maine we had a belated Father's Day celebration for my Dad at our home... the girls had their shirts on for Marni and Pepere's arrival and we were all curious how long it would take them to figure out our news... in all honesty, it took them a bit longer than we'd expected... but, in their defense it's been 7+ years since I've been pregnant so I don't know that it was exactly what they were thinking to look for (they did know that Matt and I hoped to have children together :)... Needless to say, they were ecstatic and simultaneously shocked, in the best of ways!

Matt's parents are in Franklin, TN {just outside Nashville} and we had the opportunity to drive up there in mid July to visit them and his brother, his wife and their 2 children who were in town from NYC... the girls modeled their t-shirts for lunch the day of our arrival and the news was quickly conveyed and celebrated... given that this is Matt's first biological child there was even more excitement and his precious mom just started crying... we had a sweet talk later about how much this means to her and how wonderful it's been to see Matt so happy over the last 2+ years- cue the tears for me too! :)

We are so thankful for the way God redeems our stories and we are so thankful for each and every one of you and your support! Would love to hear how you shared your news with family and if you have the joy and responsibility of raising 1/2 siblings how you handled sharing the news and the changing dynamics!


What's your due date? February 24th

Will you find out the gender? Yes!

Do you have names selected? We are clear on a boy's first name and think we have a middle name too... for a girl we have 2 first names and aren't sure on middle names.

Will you share the gender when you know? Yes!

Will you share the name? Not until Baby C arrives- other than with very close family and friends

How are you feeling and how was the first tri? Post coming on this next week!


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