Brave… Me?!

Do you have a word of the year?

I haven’t chosen one religiously or anything over my lifetime but I have selected one at various times… and, for me, I have found that it’s super helpful in terms of keeping me focused {and my clients too}… Like any of us, I can definitely get the “shiny object syndrome” or I can just fall into letting fear, doubt, mindset issues, etc. hold me back…

Life Coach Word of the Year

So, this year I chose a word because as I fully launch Flourish + Co, I want nothing more than to keep the main thing the main thing. And, I know myself well enough {hello, past scars and bruises} to know that I need all the guardrails possible in place to make sure I do just that… After many quiet times and thinking about the year ahead, I landed on the word “brave”...

According to Merriam-Webster the definition is “having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty; having or showing courage.”

Yikes- even in typing this blog entry I’m wondering if I chose the right word- ha! {I kid!} I know I have because deep in my core, I know that this is where I am in my life- I don’t want to play by everyone else’s rules, I don’t want to be who I think everyone expects me to be or wants me to be… I want to be 100% myself, my truest version and for me that is a brave choice. For a girl who spent a long time becoming it’s a brave thing to say “no more”... I am just going to be me.

Blame it on my 30’s, blame it on my past, blame it on my faith… whatever you choose, it doesn’t matter- it is what it is- brave is my word of the year for 2017.

So, what does brave look like for me this year in addition to being me? Well, in theory it means that I am going to be brave in putting myself out there. I am going to be open to doing new things, scary things, big things that I know God is calling me to do. It means stepping into the unknown knowing that His power is made perfect in my weakness and that He is holding me in all of this.

It also means being brave in saying no to things that don’t fit into “my why” {blog post in March to come about this}. It means not just chasing everything attempting to grow Flourish + Co at the expense of my well-being and my family’s {been there done that}. It means being courageous enough to close the computer and the phone and not let FOMO {fear of missing out} consume me.

I will always hold dear the line Courtney DeFeo of Lil Light of Mine wrote in a recent encouraging email to me “Just keep an eye on your family and your marriage- you only get one shot at those.” Wow! Yes and amen to that. And, in a culture of more, more, more and busy, busy, busy and keep up, keep up, keep up, I want to make the brave choice to be still and to know that He is God. He can make things happen while I sleep and while I work- things bigger than I can even imagine.

And, wow, what a privilege to see that play out. Even this week, a HUGE blessing has fallen into my lap- one that I didn’t even know was possible- and, I can’t share the details yet. But, as soon as I can, I will ;) And, I’ll tell you, this opportunity is the perfect collision of being brave in putting myself out there and then letting Him orchestrate the specifics.

It’s served as another fresh reminder to me, to be brave in putting myself out there and be brave to step back and let go- to not attempt to control #allthethings- and let Him show up in only the way He can. I am excited to document how I see this word play out throughout 2017 as a testament to His faithfulness.

So, for me personally, I have found that prayerfully choosing a word for my year helps me stay centered and on track. It enables me to steward my time and gifts well and also be deliberate and specific in my journaling for the year.

What about for you? Did you choose a word? If so, I’d love to hear and cheer you on!!

Or, are you thinking maybe now you want to choose one? Let me know if you want to talk it through- I’d love to chat with you about it {I promise in order for your word to being meaningful and impactful it doesn’t have to be chosen on 1/1/17!!}!