Flourish Flock Feature | Kimberly Campbell

Thursday's have now become one of my favorite days of the week with these features- I just love sharing stories in hopes of encouraging you, sweet friend!

Today, my dear friend Kim is sharing her heart with us. Kim and I had the privilege of sharing coffee a few months ago and have since stayed in touch through Instagram. And, she graciously offered to photograph the girls and me last weekend, so I'll share more of those pictures soon!

Flourish Flock Feature | Kimberly Campbell

Share where you currently live:

Atlanta, Georgia

Share where did you grow up:

Home of the greatest grocery store ever, Publix in Lakeland, Florida

Share about your family/your job/living situation:

I have been married to my husband, Eric, for 5 years.  We have two blue-eyed preschoolers.  I am a SAHM who pursues sanity, handlettering, photography, and maybe not eating ChickfilA everyday.  

Share your favorite book and/or podcast:

Book: I just finished Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen which was amazing.  I just started Adorned by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth which is all about mentorship/community with women.  My current favorite podcasts are Surviving Sarah with Sarah Bragg and Only the Good Stuff with Stephen Altrogge.

Share your favorite quote and/or Bible verse:

A couple of friends just recently shared this verse with us last night as we were about to embark on another new journey.  So, it is my favorite right now! Psalm 33:20-22: Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield.  For our heart is glad in Him, because we trust in His holy name.  Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in You.

Share your favorite beverage:

Chai Latte with Coconut Milk iced or hot, depending on the temperature (with whip if hot) and any sweet vodka martini!  I love CFA unsweetened tea and I’m trying to cut back on my Diet Coke habit.

Share one of the biggest losses you’ve experienced:

Three years ago, we lost my husband’s full-time ministry job.  We had to move to another city, find another job that was out of my husband’s area of expertise, and experience the loss of many friends. We had only been married 2 ½ years.  With the loss of friends, job, and confidence, we clung to the Gospel and each other.

Share some of the choices that have been most helpful in continuing to move you forward and supporting you while you are healing:

Choosing grace.  We weren’t shown a lot of grace in our situation. So, knowing the lack of grace we experienced, makes me want to give it to people even more abundantly than before.

Grace is crucial to our relationships with others and with Christ.  Turn off the negative voices. I live with the bitter and painful words that people have spoken to me in the past.  I can choose to let them affect me in the negative or I can turn them off, choose to listen to other voices of grace and truth, and pour those truthful words into others.  Know Christ.  In difficult seasons, I not only rely on personal quiet times, personal worship, or teaching, but I also rely on what God has taught me about Himself in the past.  I know He has proven Himself faithful so much before, and He will remain true even through difficult journeys.

Share some ways you have tried to incorporate laughter and fun in the midst of the hurt:

I play at the park with our boys.  My mister and I love to watch Leverage together which is just funny.  And we still love to get away and do nothing together.  One of the reasons my husband chose to marry me was because he just loved doing nothing together.  We still try to do it. It is more difficult with two littles but it is crucial to our marriage!

Share how this experience has been instrumental in leading you to where you are today:  

I think in some ways it has made me more of a harder person to get to know, because I am less trusting of relationships out of fear of being hurt again.  But, the relationships I do have are stronger and deeper.  I also love my husband so much more than I did five years ago when I said, “I Do”.  We’ve been through so much hard together, but yet our journey continues.  And I want to disciple other women who have been through hurt in ministry as well.  The church isn’t perfect, but God does allow us our stories to share it with others.  And as a friend said, God only writes beautiful stories.  

Share any tips/advice/love for others who have gone through something similar:

You can’t let bitterness win.  Bitterness will destroy you if you let it. You can apply grace, and move on.  Maybe all those hurtful relationships won’t be completely healed this side of eternity, but you can allow redemption to work.  I’ve seen relationships restored over the years and love how God is still in the business of healing.  Surround yourself with people who cheer you on.  Not yes people who will never confront you if needed, but people who pour grace into your soul.  And rest completely in the Gospel: not a ministry job, not a clean house, not perfect children, not the perfect weight, not the most Instagram likes.  Only Jesus.

You can keep in touch with Kimberly at the below places! Definitely check out her handlettering- I'm excited to be sharing it with the ladies at the upcoming retreat I'll be at! :)

Kimberly Campbell