Flourish Flock Feature | Sarah Bragg

Happy Thursday, dears! I am so excited to be back with LOTS of upcoming Flourish Flock Features... between an incredibly busy March {I'm looking at you LifeStyle Channel filming, Women's Retreat, MOPS talk, launching Cultivate Group Coaching and all my fabulous clients}, a wonderful Spring break vacation and then getting sick for about 1.5 weeks, I am just getting all these reorganized- yay!

So, without further adieu, I want to introduce you to this week's Flourish Flock Feature - Sarah Bragg. What a gift Sarah has been to me, friends! I will never forget her willingness to meet with me, a complete stranger at the time, almost a year ago, to talk as I was processing various dreams and praying through multiple options for the next chapter in my life. 

Her constant encouragement of Flourish + Co and then the opportunity to share on her podcast, and now our friendship, are all gifts that I do not take for granted!! Thank you, Sarah, for being you and for loving others so very well through your life!

Flourish Flock Feature | Sarah Bragg

Share where you currently live:

We currently live in downtown Marietta a suburb just outside of Atlanta, GA.

Share where you grew up:

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee called Cleveland.

Share about your family/your job/living situation:

In my late twenties, I swore I would never date a younger guy but then I woke up one day and found myself flirting with a friend who happened to be 6 years younger than me. And Scott and I have now been married for nearly 12 years. We have two girls, Sinclair who is 8 and Rory who is 6. I started my career working for a minor league baseball team when I graduated college, but it didn’t take long to realize that (A) I didn’t want to marry a baseball player and (B) that my heart was in ministry not baseball. Once I realized that my heart was to encourage, teach and serve women, God opened up an incredible door for me to work in the student ministry at Saddleback Church in CA. And I’ve been working for the church or to help support those who work in ministry ever since. I’ve gone to seminary, worked in full-time student ministry, worked for an amazing non-profit called Orange, and am a published author, communicator and podcaster.

It’s amazing to look back and see the common thread of encouraging women. In my twenties, the focus was encouraging young women--middle school and high school girls. I traveled to speak at events and published a book about body image called The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves. And in my thirties, there has been a shift to putting my efforts in encouraging and inspiring women in the same stage of life as myself. I started a podcast called Surviving Sarah in order to inspire, encourage and entertain women to survive in this very thing called life. I have the privilege to have conversations with women about who they are and what they do. And honestly, it has been the best therapy a girl could ask for.

Flourish Flock Feature | Sarah Bragg

Share your favorite book and/or podcast:

My all time favorite book is Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow and my current obsession is Rising Strong by Brene Brown.

My favorite podcast is The Popcast with Knox and Jamie

Share your favorite quote and/or Bible verse:

So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved… Colossians 3:12a I have clung to this verse for nearly my entire adult life. It is such a beautiful picture of how God sees you. If you are a Christian, then when God looks at you, He mostly just sees Jesus. And because of Jesus, you are chosen. You don’t have to walk into a room and look for acceptance. It has already happened. You are holy. No matter what you’ve done you are clean. Nothing can separate you from God’s love. And you are beloved. You are loved by God and He is for you.

Share your favorite beverage:

I may love coffee more than life itself.

Share one of the biggest losses you’ve experienced:

For me, losing my voice was a great loss. And I don’t mean my actual voice, but just the confidence that I have something worth sharing. I let certain opinions carry too much weight. That meant, if they didn’t like the way I said or wrote something then I took that as truth. I let that determine my value as an artist. So I stopped writing. I stopped speaking. I questioned everything I wanted to say. I stopped creating. For years, I walked through the darkness of wondering if I’d ever contribute to the world again in the ways in which I enjoyed and that was frightening and paralyzing.

Share some of the choices that have been most helpful in continuing to move you forward and supporting you while you are healing:

It took years to rebuild what was true about myself. Reminding myself of what I know to be true is vital. I learned that it didn’t matter what others think. They do not determine my value. It is still easy to take the opinion of someone and hold it as truth of who I am or what I’m worth. Choosing to believe what God says is true is the best choice--everyday.

Share how this experience has been instrumental in leading you to where you are today:

God used those years of silence to build in me a sense of identity. He layered upon layered truth that because of Jesus I am enough. That no matter what others may think of me, my value is determined by the One who made me. Starting my podcast, Surviving Sarah, has brought such a sense of excitement and refreshment knowing that I have found my voice and I can use my voice in a way to help other women be encouraged, inspired and entertained to survive in their own lives.

Share any tips/advice/love for others who have gone through something similar:

My advice for anyone walking through something similar would be to discover who you are. Who did God create you to be? Discover what an identity based on Him would look like. Remember that you are enough and Jesus is enough for you. Some helpful books for me have been Brene Brown’s Rising Strong and The Gifts of Imperfection.

Y'all definitely want to follow this sweet one for great encouragement and if you've not listened to her podcast- go NOW! :)

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