It's a... + How We Told the Girls

Happy Friday, friends!

I am so excited to share this post with y'all! We ended up opting to do the Panorama scan that my Dr's office provides so we were able to find out the gender at about 12 weeks... do you realize what that means?! That means I've been keeping this a secret for over a month which is exactly the reason I am so excited to share this news with you!

Pregnancy | Expecting | Gender Reveal | Cake | Gender Reveal Party

For those of you not familiar with the Panorama- let's face it, I wasn't until this pregnancy, it wasn't even mentioned with both of the girls {as far as I know, it's only been available in the last couple years}- essentially it's a blood test that provides some detection. We only wanted to know any genetic differences so we could educate ourselves in order to best love this little one and then it is also able to detect the gender. The results of the test are available online and also via phone by a nurse in your Dr's office {or at least that's how it worked in our situation}.

So, as you can imagine, I quickly set up a login for the lab's website and checked it each day for updates but not wanting to see any information without having Matt with me. In the midst of my daily monitoring of the website, I received a call on a Tuesday afternoon. It was the nurse and as quickly as she identified herself, I sputtered out, "Don't tell me the gender please- I mean if you know it, please don't... I want to figure out a way to have my husband hear the news at the same time... I'm just not sure how to make that happen"... Thankfully this wasn't this sweet nurse's first rodeo!

She sweetly said, "... well first of all, everything came back normal so that's wonderful and in regards to the gender, would you like for me to call you back and leave you a voice mail that you can listen to at your convenience with your husband?"

I immediately said that would be wonderful and hung up the phone... but then started thinking oh my goodness, I am going to show self-restraint for a minimum of 5 hrs given when Matt will get home from work. Yikes!!

Well, I hung in there and when Matt got home we decided we'd "power through" dinnertime, family time and bedtime, knowing that we wanted to have time just the two of us to listen to the VM.

After the girls were asleep, we sat on the sunroom couch and asked each other one more time what our guesses were and then listened. 

What are your guesses?! ;)

Mine was boy- this pregnancy has been SOOOOOO different from both pregnancies with the girls and I had just said to my dad the previous weekend, "If this isn't a boy, I'll be shocked!"

Matt guessed girl but later told me that he said that just because he felt like it was a boy but should guess something different :)

So, without further ado, it's a BOY... YES, I will be a BOY MOM!! The girls will have a brother!! 

And, we are thrilled!!!!

To be completely honest, at the very beginning of this pregnancy I started thinking "what if it's a boy??" And, the thought made me sweat- burping, weird smells, farting, etc- ugh!

BUT then, by God's grace, He so clearly orchestrated me interacting with multiple mamas who I just adore and they have boys... some are clients, some are friends here in Atlanta and far away and some are "social media friends" and as I've observed their fierce love of their sons, I started to think I really want a son. 

Like to the point where I realized I would be sad if it wasn't a boy- of course I love girls- I have 2 daughters who I can't imagine not being the mother of... that being said, I know God was simply preparing me for the news of having a son.

Enough about all that :) How did we tell the girls you ask? Well both girls, and Bella especially, had been asking if we could have a party with a cake... and, we aim to please:

Pregnancy | Expecting | Gender Reveal | Cake | Gender Reveal Party

I am not a big fan, nor is Matt, of being the center of attention, so neither of us were really wanting a gender reveal party... but we certainly loved the idea of surprising and delighting the girls and wanted to share the news with our parents. Since his parents live in Nashville, we shared the news with them over the phone. But, since my parents are local we invited them to be part of the "party" with the girls.

The 6 of us met at one of our favorite kid-friendly spots- The Fickle Pickle in Roswell- and, if you read this post, you know it is already a part of our story with this sweet little boy!

Pregnancy | Expecting | Gender Reveal | Cake | Gender Reveal Party

I brought a bag into the restaurant and convinced the girls {they are aware of all details!} that it didn't have anything for them in it- it was just miscellaneous items for Marni- my mom. Well, Marni knew that the cake was in the bottom of the bag, per our convo earlier, so upon looking through the bag, she worked our plan perfectly and acted surprised by finding a cake in the bottom of her bag.

She pulled it out on the table- and, yes, we did all this before we ate dinner because we are not good with waiting plus we wanted to be able to talk about the news over dinner! And, upon the girls seeing it their eyes lit up and we asked them why on earth we'd have a cake with us {they had absolutely no clue that we knew the gender yet- we wanted to avoid the 1,653,984 times we'd get asked to share before we were ready} and it took them a minute.

Then they said, "Wait is it to tell us what you're having?!?!" And they knew and were thrilled that we'd pulled off the surprise in this way... Bella proceeded to help Mom cut the cake {we have a video that I'll try to share soon} and out came the blue cake!

It was such a sweet evening celebrating- the girls are excited though I am sure a little uncertain of what it will be like to have a little brother in their lives :)

At this time Matt and I also had the name selected and wanted to run it by Mom and Dad as it is has special significance to them- and their response brought happy tears for all of us.... we are not sharing this little love's name until he arrives, but when we do, we will most certainly share the significance!

We wrapped up the evening walking around downtown Roswell and visited the Crazy Love Coffee House which is a favorite of ours and where this pic below is taken of the big sisters!

Pregnancy | Expecting | Gender Reveal | Cake | Gender Reveal Party

As the pillow next to them says, "Live Thankfully"- and we are truly so thankful- baby boy, you are SO loved and we simply can't wait to meet you!

Pregnancy | Expecting | Gender Reveal | Cake | Gender Reveal Party