My 8 Overarching Goals for 2018 + a Guide for YOU!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Over the past few weeks I've spent some time praying + thinking through what goals I have for this year. Honestly I feel like this year it's been a little bit different- maybe even harder- to set some of my goals given that there is so much that lies unknown. When exactly will our little guy arrive, how will the girls truly respond, what will Matt's schedule look like in terms of being able to take a leave and what sort of energy + capacity will I feel like I have after we start to develop our new routine?!

Yes, lots of unknowns... lots of questions... but bigger than all that is my desire to live my life intentionally- knowing my days are numbered and that I want to steward my time well. And, in addition to this awareness, I'm also aware that right now I can take the best next step and I can choose to act knowing what I am fairly sure will occur, all while giving myself the grace- as needed- to make shifts and adjustments along the way as life unfolds. None of this is written in stone- all encouragement I provide for my clients- and can surely believe for myself.

With all that in mind, before I share my 10, I want to say that I hope the above gives you encouragement- maybe even a little push- to move forward with goal setting, even if your 2018 is looking similar to mine in terms of having lots of unknowns + lots of questions.

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As I shared in this post, my word for the year is rest. So each of the goals I am going to share I want to approach from that mindset + heart posture...

1. Consistent quiet times. Even w/ baby boy in the picture, and grace alongside them for me to be okay with the time looking different + happening whenever at certain times... I know I don't need to get hung up on them being the "perfect" length of time or having to happen first thing in the morning- He simply cares about my heart and my desire to be with Him.

2. Physical health aspects. Lights out by 10-11p until 6-7a (as much as possible- obviously holding with VERY loose hands during newborn stage, etc.). Exercising as I'm able up until his arrival (I've done fairly well this pregnancy with exercising but am needing to be careful in these last few weeks) and then 3-4 times/week once Dr gives me the okay post labor/delivery. Drink 3 large YETI size containers of water/day. *If you missed it on Insta stories, I just posted that I got the cutest decal from Cameo & Company to beautify my YETI a bit in hopes that I feel a bit more motivated to enjoy my water this year ;)

3. Social media free evenings + weekends. Back in May of 2017, I shared 5 Ways I'm Breaking Up with Screens on the blog and in that post I mention how good, how very good, the social media free evenings were for my heart + mind... And, I also know how much of a difference it makes for me to just not even have my phone out/around in the evenings so I can be fully present with the girls + Matt. So, I am continuing this one and already loving how much more I'm reading and enjoying being still as a result!

4. Prepare Flourish + Co for maternity leave and a healthy return. When Bella was born I was staying at home initially so I was able to be very present with her and soak in the snuggles, the sweetness, the sleep deprivation and more :) However, about a year or so into her life I started working with her dad in his business and that quickly turned into very long hours... when Ava arrived there wasn't much margin for a maternity leave and life just kept going. Needless to say, after experiencing both, it's incredibly important to me that I take a planned leave this time around. Honestly I am not sure how our family would survive otherwise, but regardless it's a huge desire of mine. I want to soak it allllll up and be very present in the transition for the girls, as well as supportive of Matt as he continues to work so hard for our family. All of this to say, there is behind the scenes work that I am doing to have content continuing to come out, clients in a good place to have a few weeks off from calls, etc. so I can have boundaries around this leave.

And, in addition, my goal around Flourish following my leave is to truly approach everything I take on from a place of rest. I don't want to be "hustling" or hurrying or "doing just to do", but rather ensure that each and every yes I give is going to serve both my family, as well as my clients + the overall mission of Flourish + Co.

5. Prepare family for maternity leave. This one includes having special, memorable time with each person in our family and really looking to fill their "love tanks" before baby's arrival and things look different- of course they each know that I intend to continue to have 1:1 time with them after he comes, it will just be a period of time until that can happen realistically :) I've also been doing lots of simplifying + organizing around our home to make for the easiest transition possible, planning out schedules + meals, etc.

6. Set up coffee/lunch dates with a list of names I've written out. This overlaps with #5 in terms of having quality time with my people as much as possible before my hands are a bit more full. And, this is something I want to be mindful of continuing even once baby boy is here, it'll just look a bit different ;)

7. Self-care aspects. I am reading a good bit more and want to continue this so a goal is to have a list of books to read through each month or so. For too much of last year I focused on non-fiction books, feeling like fiction was just too frivolous for right now. However, as I started reading some fiction again at the end of this past year on our babymoon, I was reminded of what a great outlet this is for me. And, I've also found that I spend a LOT less time scrolling mindlessly when I have a good book to continue enjoying. I'm also making it a goal to have a list of some go-to self-care practices that I can incorporate consistently- even when I only have small chunks of time... I KNOW that I have to take care of me- whenever possible- to be able to take care of my people....

So far a few things that have come to mind as easy/short self-care "exercises" are: taking a bath, grabbing my fiction book, listening to a podcast, going to a coffee shop, polishing my nails, getting a pedicure, reading a good blog + chatting with a girl friend... would love to know if y'all have any other ideas that come to mind or things you do for self-care that are fairly easy + cost-effective.

8. Weekly church attendance. Honestly, this one is a bit hard for me to share publicly as I struggle with thinking that we should be able to say we've always done this... but, last time I checked, we're all on a journey and as I constantly share with my clients: life is a journey that we need to cover in grace and we do not need to let "shoulds" dictate. So, with those things in mind, I'm sharing with y'all that this is my other over-arching goal in 2018. Since Matt and I have been married, we've always made it a point to go to church on the Sundays that the girls are with us as we truly do love the community, the routine of it and believe in the importance of the girls growing up in the church. That being said, on the weekends that the girls are not with us, it's been very easy for us to opt to sleep in and then listen online to a sermon, etc. Yet, we both miss the church experience those weeks we don't go... and, about a year ago we changed churches here in Atlanta {which has been such a good move for our little family} and made Passion City Church our home church. Since attending this church, there has been growth in our faith as well as new friendships formed, new opportunities to get involved and more goodness. In reflecting on this, we know we want our participation to be weekly- as much as possible- versus bi-weekly, to set ourselves up to be the healthiest, best versions of ourselves we can be!

So, there you have it! Those are my main goals for 2018 that I pray work as a bit of an umbrella covering over + protecting this year ahead.

I  would love for you to share any/all goals that you've developed to date for this upcoming year! And, if you're still thinking them through and/or feeling stuck {note: that is completely normal}, please feel free to check out this new, FREE Download that I've created in an effort to serve you.

I hope this serves as a great resource and encouragement to you as you intentionally plan for 2018! 

And, please mark your calendar to join me on FB Live on the Flourish + Co page tomorrow, Thursday, 1/25, at 12:30p to talk through this guide as well as receive some tips , hear some stories and we might even have some Q&A! 

Don't forget to share any of the goals you've determined for this year and/or self-care "practices" that are your favorite- I just love hearing from y'all!

Intentional Living | Goals | Goal Setting | Marriage | Parenting | Pregnancy