My Word for 2018 + Resources to Determine Yours

Happy 2018, friends!

Have you recovered from the "holiday hangover" that so many of us know about- maybe more than we want to ;)?!?!

I planned ahead to take 12/21 through 1/3 off and it was WONDERFUL! So wonderful that it took me a bit of time to get back in the groove at work... and to be honest, I really wasn't sure where to start with thinking through goals/living intentionally this coming year initially. Even as a life coach, who helps clients with processing these sorts of things consistently, I was just feeling overwhelmed.

Maybe that's you too?

Word for 2018 + Resources.pngWord for 2018 | Jan Goals | Resolutions | Intentional Living

I've got news for you though! It doesn't have to feel that way... you can do a little at a time... you can don't have to do it all in one sitting- I think that's where I was getting stuck at the beginning. I was feeling as though I needed to have it all perfectly outlined and buttoned up all at one time and that feeling kept me from starting at first.

Thankfully, I overcame that by giving myself permission to do it in chunks- to step away and process and then come back to it. And, I knew that ultimately it was all too important for me to overlook, procrastinate on too long...

Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the wisdom and courage to build your life around your answer

|Shelley Giglio|

I hope that you too, friend, can give yourself the permission and space to process as you think through the upcoming year and what matters most.

When thinking about the upcoming year and living on purpose, I have a few resources that I find incredibly helpful time after time:

-My Bible

-My Journal- just a basic lined notebook that I write out my prayers + thoughts in

-My Values List-  if you don't have yours already, upon signing up for the monthly newsletter and you'll receive a Values Guide that will help you determine yours.

-My Powersheets

-Some additional exercises/questions that I work through- I'm currently putting these together in a free download that will be available later this week- stay tuned on my Instagram to know when it's available. Everyone on my newsletter list will receive it :)

As I opened my journal, I knew the Lord has been laying the word rest on my heart. I'd also dug into Greek + Hebrew meaning of the word... in Greek the word means refreshment and in Hebrew it means to be quiet, be still, to wait, to cease. In addition, I found multiple Scriptures that focus on this word and found that it's reflected in the words renew, restore, peace and refuge {which is found in Him- He is our shelter + sanctuary}. 

The Lord continued laying the verse Isaiah 26:3 on my heart as well so I've written it in multiple places and will also be adding it to our chalkboard in the kitchen {just as soon as I get some new chalk markers!!} :) 

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in You.

So, as crazy as it might sound with a newborn about to grace us with his presence in less than 6 weeks, my word for 2018 is REST

I see this as a posture of my heart... that no matter what life looks like as we adjust to having 3 children, as Matt's job continues to be demanding, as we determine exactly what my schedule will look like with Flourish + Co, and more, I will practice being at rest in Him. Seeking Him for refreshment, when I'm exhausted, being quiet + still before Him as we determine what new rhythms and schedules are best for our family, etc. I will wait on Him to place in my hands ONLY what He's asking me to hold, rather than grabbing all the things and thinking I can somehow maintain control.

I know myself and I know this is going to take living on purpose and intentionally. And, I also know that I only have 1 life to live and I've spent too many years {a number of years ago} just surviving and running from one activity/commitment to the next. And, I know what it looks like to live opposite that way and I'm determined to do it again this year. So, with His grace, mercy and strength, my 2018 will be defined by my RESTing in Him. 

I'd love to hear if you have chosen a word for this year and, if so, what you selected! And, if you're feeling like I was a few days ago- stuck + overwhelmed- please let me know... I'd love to encourage you as you go through the determination process.

Next Monday, 1/15, I'll have a post about my goals for the year and some encouragement for you as you work on yours!

Cheering for you in 2018, friend!

Word for 2018 | Jan Goals | Resolutions | Intentional Living