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Flourish Flock Feature | Elizabeth Cox

Hi sweet friends! So VERY glad to be sharing with y'all today... I promise you, you aren't going to want to miss the feature below!!

I've not yet met Elizabeth {Liz} in person, but am certain it will happen sooner than later! I absolutely love keeping up with her via Instagram and initially connected with her through an online workshop that we've both spoken at.

As Liz says on the home page of her blog, "My hope is that you leave this space feeling a bit more uplifted & a little less alone than when you first got here" especially after reading her feature and any of the previous ones!

Flourish Flock Feature | Holly Von Lanken

Hi Dears!

Hope you're having a great week! Today I am excited to share Holly Van Lanken with you as the Flourish Flock Feature!

I connected with Holly through Tuesdays Together Atlanta- part of The Rising Tide Society. When I was the guest speaker at last year's April get together Holly took pictures of the event that I just love... and I've since enjoyed connecting with her on Instagram and cheering her on.

I'm sure y'all will be encouraged as she shares her heart below.

Flourish Flock Feature | Carly Totten

Happy Thursday, dears! Wow, what a week- it's been good but lots of different moving parts and appointments, etc to get us as ready as we can be for baby boy's arrival! I am most definitely looking forward to this weekend as it should have a fairly slow pace, unless of course I go into labor ;)

Today, Carly Totten of Carly is Inspired is sharing with us and I have to say I just love her big heart + perspective and pray that her words are encouraging to you! 

I love her reminder for all of us here- it's something I can relate to personally and is also something that has definitely come up with various clients:

I’m definitely someone who has learned to allow myself to truly feel every emotion that’s on my heart. I think that comes from years of battling anxiety. I try to give myself a lot of grace because I try not to suppress anything. It’s better to sit and cry than hold it in.

Enjoy reading all of her interview below and have a wonderful weekend, friends!