Flourish Flock Feature | Elizabeth Cox

Hi sweet friends! So VERY glad to be sharing with y'all today... I promise you, you aren't going to want to miss the feature below!!

I've not yet met Elizabeth {Liz} in person, but am certain it will happen sooner than later! I absolutely love keeping up with her via Instagram and initially connected with her through an online workshop that we've both spoken at.

As Liz says on the home page of her blog, "My hope is that you leave this space feeling a bit more uplifted & a little less alone than when you first got here" especially after reading her feature and any of the previous ones!

Flourish Flock Feature | Holly Von Lanken

Hi Dears!

Hope you're having a great week! Today I am excited to share Holly Van Lanken with you as the Flourish Flock Feature!

I connected with Holly through Tuesdays Together Atlanta- part of The Rising Tide Society. When I was the guest speaker at last year's April get together Holly took pictures of the event that I just love... and I've since enjoyed connecting with her on Instagram and cheering her on.

I'm sure y'all will be encouraged as she shares her heart below.

My 8 Overarching Goals for 2018 + a Guide for YOU!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Over the past few weeks I've spent some time praying + thinking through what goals I have for this year. Honestly I feel like this year it's been a little bit different- maybe even harder- to set some of my goals given that there is so much that lies unknown. When exactly will our little guy arrive, how will the girls truly respond, what will Matt's schedule look like in terms of being able to take a leave and what sort of energy + capacity will I feel like I have after we start to develop our new routine?!

Yes, lots of unknowns... lots of questions... but bigger than all that is my desire to live my life intentionally- knowing my days are numbered and that I want to steward my time well. And, in addition to this awareness, I'm also aware that right now I can take the best next step and I can choose to act knowing what I am fairly sure will occur, all while giving myself the grace- as needed- to make shifts and adjustments along the way as life unfolds. None of this is written in stone- all encouragement I provide for my clients- and can surely believe for myself.

With all that in mind, before I share my 10, I want to say that I hope the above gives you encouragement- maybe even a little push- to move forward with goal setting, even if your 2018 is looking similar to mine in terms of having lots of unknowns + lots of questions.