Cultivate group coaching

| Cultivate a Freedom-filled, Purposeful Life |

Do you:

  • Know you were created for more but don’t know what it is or how it would fit into your day to day life?

  • Feel a bit aimless and unfulfilled at times?

  • Feel unsure of how to best steward your time and talent because there are just so many things vying for your attention?

  • Know if you really answered the question “How are you?” would you respond overwhelmed and exhausted?

You’re not alone…

George Barna reports that only 1 in 20 Christians have a strong sense/understanding of their unique purpose. In other words, the vast majority of Christians are in danger of living out very aimless lives- achieving nothing of eternal ramification- and they often doctor this concern/emptiness with the busyness of life.

Barna also reports:

  • 58% of women are not getting enough rest

  • 59% of women are dissatisfied with work/life balance

  • 72% of women are overwhelmed by stress

Friends, we don’t want this, do we?!?! None of that describes the abundant life that Christ promises for those who delight in Him! And, it certainly doesn’t set us up for loving our people well!

It’s time to BE free and BE who we already are in Him. It’s time to understand and own who He uniquely created and crafted you to be, so we can run the race set before us well.

Together we will work to uncover and discover:

  • Your unique purpose

  • Your vision statement

  • Your mission statement(s)

  • Your top 5 values in order of priority

  • What’s most important to you right now

  • Goals that are meaningful and motivating to you

  • Tips and tools for maximizing your time and talent