Let's Partner!

It's time to invest in YOU.

You're worth it. 

If I could hold your face in my hands, I would. And, I would tell you that your life is worth it and today is the day to start living, to truly start living intentionally.

It's time to be brave- you can do it.

I'm inviting you to flourish! 

Contact me today for your complimentary clarity call- together we'll discuss partnering to design YOUR life- an intentional {not perfect} one!

Imagine waking up feeling at peace, feeling a lightness in your step as you proceed through your day.

Imagine having time to do the things that light your soul on fire... Let's make time in your life, your day to day life, to do what matters.

Think about being brave and feeling truly alive and what that would do for your life?

Oh, I'm getting excited right now just envisioning all you're going to feel and be able to embrace!

Your time is now, sweet friend!


Let's talk through your needs and your desires and how I can serve you. I am here to listen and to cheer for you... to draw out of you what for so long has been squelched... to hold you accountable to make what really matters happen.

Imagine letting go of the guilt of thinking you're being selfish and instead owning the fact that you are investing in yourself and in turn your family, friends and deepest relationships by being the best version of you!

Don't let guilt and doubt rob you anymore. 

It's your turn to shine, it's your turn to live, it's your turn to love your life.

In doing that, you're going to be able to show up in a new way, you're going to be able to give in a more free and full way and you're going to be more fulfilled than ever knowing you are living out the life that was uniquely created for you!

This is your invitation, lovely, to stop letting life pass you by, to stop feeling like your dreams aren't worth it, to kick fear in the face and truly LIVE.

The time is NOW.


"Katie came into my life and business at just the right time. I knew big growth and shifts were coming, but needed help getting out of my own head. Working with Katie has allowed me to see everything laid out- for both my personal life and my business- in a new way and I am so ready to tackle 2017!" -AllieDanae 

"Experiencing the impact a life coach can have on my life has been amazing. Fear has been something that's held me back from choosing different paths at times. Having Katie help me bring into focus the values that are at the core of who I am, and give me practical life tools to move forward, has been life changing. She's drawn out so much of what's been hidden inside for a while as children and life have happened. Through using these tools, along with greater self-awareness, the accountability she provides, and her thoughtful care, huge opportunities have been opened up for me. And, she's helped me forge through fear with mindset shifts! I'm seeing the fruits already in my life and trace it back to the invaluable instruction and freedom life coaching with Katie provides." -Maressa

"I often struggle with decision making and coaching is guiding me on how to prayerfully make the best decisions for myself during this season of life. Having difficulty making decisions leads to a stuck life, especially when you aren't sure of where you truly want to go or when life looks completely different than you ever anticipated. I love having someone partnering with me to encourage me and coach me in a way that provides gentle reminders to live with intention, to follow my dreams and to make choices that align with my life goals and vision." -Leigh

"Katie was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only was she proactive in any and all communication during our partnership, she was also dedicated to encouraging me and guiding me in the best way possible! She went above and beyond constantly and brought great energy and input into my life over the past few months. I am so lucky to have met her and had the opportunity to use her services." -Lauren