I'm Katie!

Lover of community, desserts, hugs, dreams, grace, laughter and more.

Darling, I believe in you and know you have purpose and potential right where you are- I want you to be able to live your most fulfilling life- no matter whether the season you're in matches your version of "perfect" or if it's the complete opposite.

For so long I thought the more perfect I could be, the better life would be. If I could just keep all the balls in the air a little more, if I could wear all the hats a little more confidently and strategically, then I would have it all... Then I would feel alive.

After going through some various dark times, the most recent of which involved having my world crash around me, all while raising 2 little ladies, I'm learning that life is so much more. Friend, true joy and happiness isn't in the perfect, it's in the imperfect... It's in the broken where we can start to see the light shine through... It's in finding our voice, in stripping away our masks, that we find real beauty and a real life that can be lived. 

Have I arrived at this "perfectly"- heck no!!!! But, have I learned so much in the pits of life, yes! And, along with what I've learned through the school of life {and hard knocks!}, I've also been trained as a Life Coach through PCCI.

Coupled with this training, I have a background in cosmetology, and I also co-owned a design build company for 8+ years. I love all things creative, home and fashion. Yet, more than that, I have a love for people, and a strong passion for women. In each of these arenas, I found myself loving the connection with women the most. As I was in their house assisting with design, helping make it a home, or standing behind the chair styling their hair wanting to highlight their inner beauty most, I loved encouraging them and walking alongside them in life. Hearing their stories, uncovering their passions and cheering them on was and is one of my greatest passions!

Regardless of where we as women find ourselves, I know we can live life to the fullest.

Let's partner together and design an intentional life for YOU.

I know it's YOUR time to flourish.