Flourish Flock Feature | Elizabeth Cox

Hi sweet friends! So VERY glad to be sharing with y'all today... I promise you, you aren't going to want to miss the feature below!!

I've not yet met Elizabeth {Liz} in person, but am certain it will happen sooner than later! I absolutely love keeping up with her via Instagram and initially connected with her through an online workshop that we've both spoken at.

As Liz says on the home page of her blog, "My hope is that you leave this space feeling a bit more uplifted & a little less alone than when you first got here" especially after reading her feature and any of the previous ones!

Flourish Flock Feature | Jill Roberts

Hey friends!

I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter and were reminded of the hope we have in Christ!

I am so thrilled to share my sweet friend Jill with y'all today! Back when I started to dream about having these features, I hoped she would be willing to share as I've always been so inspired by her life. You know those people that you know have gone through a lot and yet are so grace-filled and joyful?! Jill is truly the epitome of one of those people and I'm certain you'll be more aware of God's grace through reading her feature below.

Flourish Flock Feature | Jessica Satterfield

Good morning, friends!!

It's so good to be back with you today!! I am absolutely loving every (well, let's be honest, almost every ;) moment of maternity leave, but definitely miss interacting with you all more regularly!

I first heard Jessica Satterfield share some of her story on the Surviving Sarah Podcast that my friend Sarah Bragg hosts... I'll never forget being out in our yard, about a year and a half ago, weeding and planting some mums in our front planter, all the while listening to Jessica share her story of the beautiful way God has woven her family together and the strength and grace He's given her along the way!